In 2006, I started Savile Lane after a frustrating experience purchasing a suit for my ex-husband. Selection and styles were limited, and the overpriced suit we settled on was a dreadful olive color that fit like a sack. This disappointment turned into a drive to create a custom-tailored suit myself, incorporating the founding principles of Savile Lane. My engineering and problem-solving mindset kicked into gear –  Savile Lane products will always have:

  1. An off-the-rack price,
  2. A perfect fit,
  3. Better fabric and construction quality,
  4. Exceptional service throughout the consultative process,
  5. All in a timely manner.

Savile Lane leverages and analyzes client measurement data to develop algorithms for better fitting suits. We worked diligently with our tailors to identify the best materials for our garments. Partnerships with fabrics mills and distributors were made to offer our clients more variety and selection. Customer feedback is equally as important, as our processes and products improved.

With a dedicated and personable team, Savile Lane has grown every single year for the last 15 years and continues to serve thousands of clients in Northeast Ohio, and beyond. We're passionate about your clothing.  Yes, passionate about how your clothes fit, feel, look...and we love what we do every day!



Owner of Savile Lane