In 2006, I started Savile Lane after an exhausting time trying to find a suit that would fit my ex-husband.  Styles and selection were limited in his size and the overpriced $1000 suit we finally settled on was a dreadful olive color that fit like a sack. 

My engineering problem solving mindset kicked in - create a tailored custom suit at the same price as off the rack in a timely manner with a perfect fit, better quality of construction and fabric.  I recruited my father (another engineer) and together we analyzed the body measurement data of our clients to develop algorithms that calculated a custom template for each client. 

We worked diligently with our tailors to identify the best materials to construct the guts of the garment.  Partnered with fabrics mills and distributors to offer more variety and selection.  Continually improved our process and products through customer feedback.  Learned and listened.  

With a small dedicated team, Savile Lane has grown every single year and serves thousands of clients throughout Northeast Ohio.   We listen to you, understand your style, needs or issues.  We're passionate about your clothing.  Yes, passionate about how your clothes fit, feel, look.   And we love what we do every day!