Accessorize Without a Tie

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Can You Accessorize Without a Tie?

When picking out a more formal outfit, it's important to pick out a good tie. But what if you didn't pick out a tie at all. 

Where are You Wearing The Outfit

In some environments, going without a tie is seen as more than acceptable. 

Be mindful of dress codes wherever you go, so you know if not wearing a tie would be inappropriate. Do your research to avoid sticking out in a bad way. If you can't find out the tie policy and choose to go without then do it with confidence. Confidence can be the best accessory.


Collar Importance 

 When you're not wearing a tie then your collar becomes very important to your look. A collar defines your face and can highlight your best features. We would recommend using a collar stay to make sure that your collar stays strong all through the day. 

    To Button or Not to Button

    Now you need to consider how many buttons you will have buttoned on your shirt. If you are going for a more casual or stand out look then we recommend the more buttons the merrier. You need to think about how many buttons are on your jacket as well. The more buttons on your jacket then the more conservative your shirt will look. If there are less buttons this will allow the collar of your shirt to open wider which will give off a more casual look.

      The Undershirt

      The undershirt can play an important role in your outfit. Undershirts can keep you warm, keep your dress shirt clean, and smooth out anything between the dress shirt and the undershirt. 

      Your undershirt must be kept hidden. If it is visible around the neck area then it will look like there's too much going on in that area. A v-neck undershirt is perfect to keep the illusion that you're not wearing one.

      Other Accessories 

      You can always use other accessories to make up for going without a tie. 

      A pocket square can add the exact flair needed to keep the eye distracted from the fact that you aren't sporting a tie.

      A watch can be the perfect touch when it matches other aspects of your outfit such as your belt and shoes.

      Your shoes need to be immaculately clean and polished. A loafer is fantastic to complete a casual look while a whole cut shoe is perfect for a more refined outfit.

      A lapel pin is perfect for the more modern gentlemen, just don't let it become the centerpiece of the outfit.

      Cufflinks should make a statement without being over the top.


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