What Dress Pant Break Is the Right One for Me?

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What Are Dress Pant Breaks?

A pant break is the way that your pant legs meet your dress shoes. The pant break that you choose should ultimately be up to your own preference.

Although the wrong pant break may not flatter your body, could not be appropriate for the occasion or not look as good as it could. The right pant break for you may seem daunting, but we will break it down for you today.

What is The Pant Break?

The break on the pant is the creasing of fabric that forms at the front of the pant leg right above where it meets the shoe. The break is defined while a person is standing doing nothing else. 

The way in which your pants are cut will greatly affect how your pant break will be like.

If the pants are longer then there will be more of a break. Although if the pants are wider then there will be less of a break. Wider pants makes it harder for the pant fabric to make contact with the shoes. This will create a less defined break. Slimmer pants will create a break at a higher point much easier.

Pant Break Considerations

 Here are some questions to consider when thinking about what break you should get on your pants:

  • Are the legs of your pants slim or wide?
  • What look are you trying to achieve?
  • How do the pants fit you?
  • Where will you wear these pants?
Consider your answers to these questions while we go over the different pant breaks.

No Break Pants

Pants that don't have a break will give off a sharp, modern and minimalist look. This is a youthful and trendy look at the moment. This kind of break would be excellent if you work in any kind of creative field or environment. 


The hem of the pants will sit just above the shoe. This look is best on slimmer body types or those who are taller. No break can make the pant leg look shorter which can make the legs look shorter and stockier. 

Make sure that if you go with this look that your pants aren't hemmed too short otherwise it will come across that your pants shrunk in the dryer. This look will often reveal your socks as well, so make sure that your socks are up to par.

The Cut

We recommend to try this look with pants that are slim and tapered so the pant opening isn't too wide.

Quarter Break Pants


The quarter break is good for a variety of body types and brings a modern flare to the dress pant.


 A quarter break pant's hem will be just past where the pant leg meets the shoe with very minimal touching. This look is modern without being flashy. This is a great look for businessmen as it shows that you're trying to look good without being a try hard.

The Cut 

Quarter breaks are better for pants that are slim. This break is also better for those who are taller and slimmer.

    Half Break Pants

    The half break is good for someone who wants to go between modern and traditional. This is good if you see a lot of different kind of people in your line of work. 


    A half break should have the hem of your pants about a half of an inch past where your pants meet your shoes.

    The Cut

    This look can work with slimmer and straight legged pants. This look can help those who are shorter look a little taller.

    Full Break Pants

    The full break is a great look for those who are older or like a traditional aesthetic. This look predated the slim fit look.


    A full break is when the hem of your pants touch your shoes immensely. This creates a ripple above the hem. This look will often cover the laces and the back of the hem will be just above the outer soles of the shoes.

    A full break can be too long when the pants form multiple breaks above the hem. Too long of a full break is a look to avoid completely.

    The Cut

    The longer pant length and the looser pant leg makes this look better on men who are heavier set.

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