Tailoring & Suit Trends for Men in 2022

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Suits ain’t what they used to be, and that’s a good thing. Dressing down, working from home, comfort-seeking and bolder styles have upended what it means to wear a suit. It’s time to welcome in some new ideas.


Mismatching is the new black

The idea of mixing and matching lays between putting a tailored jacket with complimentary but not matched tailored trousers. Stick to the classic menswear colors, keep the darker shade for the jacket, don’t forget the interesting accessories. Words to live by: invest in a good blazer.

Source: Sand - Copenhagen

Color me Happy

The prospect if wearing a pastel color suit strikes men differently. Any man in a pastel suit is going to get the kind of attention they may not have bargained for. They would, however, be terribly fashionable.

The pastel tones aren’t blindingly bright – more washed through. And some men, as the trend has it, may even wear them with tonal variations of the same color for shirt and tie. All the same, this is a sign that the suit continues to look for a home outside of the office.



Prints Charming

Huge check might be the most striking suit trend of the year is anything to go by. Traditional suiting has typically avoided all but the most subtle of patterns – the pinstripe, the Prince of Wales check – favoring the surface detail of certain cloth weaves instead.

Now take those patterns and explode them into huge checks, or have a suit in an all over motif, or with a full-on florist’s of florals. These may work for the red carpet – where the intention is to draw attention – but beware these are not easy suits to wear, and certainly not twice. On the other hand, these are definitely not dull suits. And that has much in its favor.


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