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Suit Jacket Tailoring

Suit jackets can be altered in many different ways. There can be small adjustments to completely reconstructing a garment.

The main and most important alterations are:

-The waist should be suppressed

-The sleeves should be tailored

These alterations are typically inexpensive, but most times there will be more alterations needed to have the jacket fit you.

When deciding which alterations to get done, it heavily depends upon your situation.

You want to consider how much the jacket cost you. The cheaper the jacket then the less worth it has to get it altered. The only time this doesn't apply is if the jacket has sentimental value. Consider our outside alteration prices:

Suit Jacket Alteration Costs

 Here are our jacket alteration prices for pieces that are not bought in our store(garments bought in our store come with free alterations):

Coat Alterations

  • Shorten Length - $45
  • Sides In/Out - $35
  • Reduce Chest - $70
  • Shorten Collar - $55
  • Lower Collar - $30
  • Close Vents - $20
  • Shorten/Lengthen Sleeves - $29
  • Taper Sleeves - $20

    Re-Lining Alterations

    • Suit/Sport Coat - $125

    Miscellaneous Alterations

    • Cut Buttonholes - $9
    • Shoulder Pads - $6 (each)
    • New Buttons - $2 (each)


    The collar of the jacket can be moved or made smaller, but this can be a difficult fix.

    Tailors will sometimes take the collar in at the back of the garment which can make it fit better but will also create a new seam.

    You can avoid this alteration all together if you keep it mind when buying your suit jacket.


    It is extremely important to get a suit jacket that fits your shoulders.

    Alterations on the shoulders are extremely difficult and can destroy the garment sometimes.

    If the shoulders don't fit then don't buy the jacket.


    Changing the length of the jacket is pretty easy, but it can possibly mess up the proportions of it.

    Try not to buy a jacket that is more than two inches too long or two inches too short.

    It is possible to lengthen some jackets if there is extra fabric inside of the hem, but this is not always the case.


    A suit jacket's sleeves can be shortened pretty easily. This is typically done in two different ways. It can be done from the wrist or the shoulder. From the wrist is an ideal way if your jacket has non-functioning sleeve buttons.

    If the jacket has working buttons, it might be better to shorten it from the shoulder which can be more expensive and difficult.


     You can have the sleeves of your jacket slimmed down for a more fitted fit. This alteration is usually simple.


    Slimming down the torso of a jacket is a common and easy alteration. A jacket can also be let out to make the fit looser if there's the fabric to do so.


    Replacing your jackets buttons is an easy and cheap change you can make on your jacket. Having extra buttons that come with your suit jacket will make this process even easier.


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