Fabrics to Wear in Summer

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With it being late spring, the weather is starting to heat up and it will only get warmer from here. It's important to not be caught profusely sweating through your clothing through summer, but how can you avoid that? Here are some fabrics that are excellent at keeping you cool during the hotter months as well as some to avoid. 


Linen is a natural material that is perfect for summer. It’s made from the woven fibers of the flax plant. The airflow in linen clothing is excellent as the weave tends to be loose. More air coming into contact with you means that you will be much cooler, and the fabric is great for absorbing all of that inevitable sweat.


Cotton is also a fantastic choice for fabric to wear in the summer. The fabric tends to breathe well and is very light. This fabric is even more absorbent than linen which is why your shirt may feel heavier after sweating all day.


Wool may make you think of colder months, but it can be just as good in the warmer ones. Wool is a natural material so it can be made to have a more open weave which leads to higher airflow in the fabric.


Synthetics consist of nylon, inexpensive polyester, Lycra, and other manmade materials. These fabrics are made up of tightly woven fibers. This makes these materials not breathable at all which will cause you to be very warm if you decide to wear them in the summer.


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  • A khaki linen unlined suit is a must for hot seasons.

    Hayden Pritchard on

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