What Colors Should You Wear Based on Your Hair Color?

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If you're having trouble picking out what color suit or dress shirt you should get then consider picking based on your hair color. This could make a huge difference on how your clothing looks on you just from your clothes not clashing with your hair. See the charts below to find out what colors are best for you:

Skin Tone vs Hair Color: Best & Worst Colors Chart

If You Have Pale Skin

Hair Color Best Colors Colors to Avoid
Black Blue, medium to Light Gray, Green Brown, Yellow, Tan, Light Gray
Blond Blue, Navy, Gray, Red, Green, Brick Dark Brown, Beige, Yellow, Light Gray, Black
Brown Olive, Gray, Tan, Brown, Blue, medium Gray Dark Gray, Mustard, Orange
Gray Navy, Gray, Maroon, Black Browns, Green, Tan, Yellow, Pastels
Red Browns, Medium Gray, Green, Blue, pale Yellow Light Gray, Red, Yellow, Orange


If You Have Dark Skin

Hair Color Best Colors Colors to Avoid
Black Ivory, Tan, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Violet Dark Gray, Blue
Blond Beige, Light Gray, Pink Dark Blue,
Dark Brown
Brown Pink, Violet Brown
Gray Most Colors Work! Lucky you! Yellow, all pastels
Red Tan, Brown, Gray Red, Yellow


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