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What are Suit Lapels and Which One Should I Wear?


A lapel is the part on each side of a coat or jacket immediately below the collar which is folded back on either side of the front opening (Oxford Dictionary). There are a few different lapel styles and in this blog we shall be going over what they are and which one you should wear.

Notch Lapel

The notch lapel is the standard lapel style for conservative jackets. Its shape makes it match with almost any face type but specifically goes well with oval, oblong and square face shapes. It also suits most body types as well.

Shawl Lapel


Shawl lapels are rounded collars where the lapel and collar consist of one piece. The shawl lapel can be worn with single or double-breasted jackets. Shawl lapels are best suited for those with angular face shapes. This lapel is also best suited for thinner men.

Peak Lapel


 The peak lapel is the dressiest of the lapel styles. These lapels are usually on double-breasted suits, tuxedo jackets, and single-breasted suits sometimes. This lapel is better suited for rounder face and body features.

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