Hacking vs Ticket Pocket

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The Difference Between Hacking and Ticket Pockets

When picking out a suit jacket there are a lot of small details that can make or break an entire look. One of these small details is the type of pocket you choose. Here is the difference between the hacking and ticket pocket as well as their origin stories.


hacking pocket

These pockets originated from horse-riding which is also known as "hacking". These pockets were made to be easier to access while on horseback and to keep items from falling out as well. The back of the coat was kept longer with one center vent at this time as well to cover their behinds while on horseback. Now it is more likely for jackets to have dual vents and be shorter. Hacking pockets are now popular on country coats and tweeds. Since the angle of the pockets remove some of the symmetry on the jacket, this makes the jacket best for informal jackets.


These pockets were originally intended to hold train tickets inside them. Even though most people don't take the train these days, this pocket is still around. A ticket pocket is typically a smaller version of the main pocket that is below it. The ticket pocket typically matches the main pocket's style.

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