The Origin of the Lapel Buttonhole

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There are some quirks to men's clothing that make you wonder how they came to be. The lapel buttonhole is one of these quirks.

Where Did the Lapel Buttonhole Come from?

lapel buttonhole

There are three different stories that show where the lapel buttonhole might have possibly come from. 

The first story of the possible origins is that men use to wear dress hats that had an elastic cord with a button on the end. The button on the end of the elastic cord could fasten to the lapel on the jacket. This was to prevent their hats from flying away in adverse weather.

The second story of the possible origin is that there was a time when there was a button on the opposite suit lapel buttonhole, except it was on the underside. This allowed for the coat to be fully buttoned up in colder weather.

The final story of the possible origin is that Prince Albert was presented a bouquet of flowers while beside his bride. She cut a small hole in his jacket lapel and wore the flowers. A small hole on the left lapel of all of his future jackets were then added by his tailor. 

What About the Lapel Buttonhole Today?

lapel buttonhole

The buttonhole is mostly used for flowers, pins and boutonnieres in today's time. 

It is important that no matter what you put in your lapel buttonhole that you put it through the buttonhole and not pin it into the fabric. On jackets that are made well, there will be a small bit of thread running horizontal on the backside of the jacket lapel. This is where you should stick the stem of the flower.


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