What to Wear to a Funeral

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It is extremely important to be respectful at funerals. An essential part of showing respect at a funeral is to make sure you are wearing the correct attire. The last thing anyone wants to do is to offend the family of the deceased. We will tell you what the proper men's attire is for funerals.

What Suit to Wear

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A suit is typically the best choice to wear to a funeral. If you're an immediate family member, close friend or a colleague of the person who passed then you are expected to wear a suit. If you are a pallbearer then you should also wear a suit unless stated otherwise.

When wearing a suit to a funeral, you should wear a dark colored suit. Charcoal, dark navy and black are the best color options. Men over 45 should wear a double-breasted jacket while those younger than that should wear single-breasted jackets.

funeral service

One of the most important things about your suit is making sure that it fits correctly:

  • A jacket is too tight if it pulls in from the buttons and creases around the stomach
  • Your pants are too tight if they show wrinkles around the hips
  • Your pants are too loose if you have to wear a belt to keep them up

Other things to keep in mind while wearing a suit are:

Shirt: A blue or white shirt will go well with your suit. You should not wear bright colors or prints. If you want to wear a patterned shirt then go with a striped shirt.

Tie: The tie should be a dark color like the jacket. Black, grey or blue are all good colors. You should avoid bright colors and prints that stand out. It's okay to wear patterns like stripes and dots.

Shoes: A dress shoe is your only option. You can wear black or brown dress shoes, whichever matches your suit better.

Accessories: You should keep your accessories to a minimum and make sure they are dark like the rest of your outfit.

Here are our picks for attire appropriate for a funeral

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