How to Pack a Suit for Travel

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suit in a suitcase

You're invited to a wedding that requires traveling and you just got your nice new suit for it. You don't want to wrinkle your suit as you don't carry a steamer with you on your trips. There are ways to pack your suit away without the hassle of it getting ruined before you even get to your destination.

How to Put a Suit in a Suit Case

how to pack a suit in a suitcase

Step 1. If you have a suit, put your suit in a plastic dry-cleaning bag.

Step 2. Then fold you suit in half.

Step 3. Place it in your suitcase.

How to Put A Suit in a Carry On

put a suit in a carry on bag

Step 1. Grab the suit jacket and pop the shoulders inside out. 

Step 2. Fold it in half so that the lapels touch.

Step 3. Fold it once again.

Step 4. Place it in your bag.

Step 5. When you get to your destination, pop the shoulders back into place.

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